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Hearings and appeals

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Division of Hearings and Appeals is to conduct high quality, impartial, independent, cost and time efficient hearings, serving customer agencies and the citizens of Wisconsin. 

The Division of Hearings and Appeals is created by Wis. Stat. §§ 15.103(1) and 301.035 and consists of a classified division administrator and a staff of administrative law judges (attorney hearing examiners) as well as supportive legal associates.  Offices of the Division are located in Madison and Milwaukee.  The Division operates the enterprise court system to provide dispute resolution for most of the State’s large agencies.

  • The Division's General Government Unit conducts administrative hearings for several state agencies. 
  • The Division's Corrections Unit handles adult probation and parole matters, extended supervision and juvenile aftercare supervision cases from the Department of Corrections. 
  • The Division’s Work and Family Services Unit conducts a large volume of administrative hearings for a variety of public assistance programs and state licensed care activities. 
  • Staff of the Division also support the Waste Facility Siting Board which oversees the arbitration/negotiation process utilized by companies and municipalities in siting new landfills and hazardous waste facilities.
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Hearing Process
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