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Course Title:  New Supervisor: Human Resources - September 2018
Description:  Participation in this 3-day training fulfills most of the statutory requirement for newly appointed supervisors and managers. Add the 2-day Management: Leadership program, taught by UW-Madison's Certified Public Manager (CPM) program in an arrangement with DPM, to complete the statutory requirement for new state supervisors.
Class Date:  9/11/2018—9/13/2018
8:30:00 AM to 4:30:00 PM
Location:  DOA, 101 E. Wilson St., WISCONSIN Room (1st Floor), Madison
Cost:  $0
Prerequisites:  NA
Course Outline: 

Scheduled topics in the program include:
DAY 1 

POSITION DESCRIPTIONS    (morning)  (taught by DPM/Recruitment & Selection staff)

The objectives for the morning session are to:
- Provide a basic overview of Civil Service and the Classification Plan
- Discuss how the classification specification and position description (PD) are used
- Discuss purposes and ways of writing the position description
- Practice writing a position description along with other participants, and share ideas.

This session will also focus on helping you overcome hesitancy by breaking the task into its component parts. You ll explore the purposes of the PD and discover how they affect its format, how to categorize and prioritize job functions and pick up some hints on terminology. Then you ll pull it all together by getting some experience in actually writing different sections of the description. Instead of battling it out alone by trial and error, you ll benefit from the questions and practical examples of other state employees, like yourself, and the guidance of an instructor from the Division of Personnel Management who works with PDs all the time.

STAFFING OVERVIEW   (afternoon)   (DPM/Recruitment & Selection staff)
- Overview of Bureau of Merit Recruitment and Selection (BMRS) role in the staffing process;
- Supervisor s role in the staffing process;
- How to fill a vacant position;
- Position description and High Importance Job Content rating (HIJC);
- Recruitment;
- Exam development;
- Register/certification;
- Interviewing; and
- Selection.


BEI/EEO   (morning)    (DPM/Bureau of Equity and Inclusion staff)

Objectives for this session are to provide new supervisors with:
- An overview of the background for equal employment opportunity (EEO) and affirmative action (AA).
- Key state policies and procedures related to EEO and AA (including federal and state laws, harassment in the workplace, and reasonable accommodation).
- Resources.

Expected Outcomes:
- Understand your roles and responsibilities in implementing the state policies and procedures related to EEO and AA.
- Be aware of resources available to assist you.

PERFORMANCE EVALUATION    (afternoon)    (DPM Classification staff)

Objectives for this session include:
- Provide background information on the performance evaluation process.
- Create awareness of different factors to consider.
- Review the purposes of performance evaluation.
- Discuss the six steps in the performance evaluation process.
- Create awareness of the important points in the evaluation session with the employee.
- Discuss and practice writing performance standards.

This session will focus on writing performance standards as part of a performance evaluation or appraisal process. The program is intended for first-line supervisors, lead workers, groups, committees or individuals who need a basic understanding of the performance evaluation process. This is a workshop, so you should expect to work. Part of the workshop time will be used to actually develop performance standards.

DAY 3   

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (EAP) OVERVIEW (8:30-10:00, presenters from Statewide EAP Consortium)

This session will cover:
- Purpose of Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
- Who can use EAP and what services and key features are provided by EAP.
- Guide for supervisors and managers in handling employee performance issues, coaching/feedback, and referral to EAP.

EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS (10:00-4:00, by DPM/Bureau of 
Compensation and Employment Relations staff)

The objective for this session is to introduce new supervisors and managers to some of the basic tools they may be required to use when they encounter employee misconduct, delinquency or unsatisfactory job performance.

The following topics will be covered: 

-   Corrective Discipline

-   Just Cause and Discipline

-   Misconduct Investigations

-   New Grievance Procedure

-   Unsatisfactory Work Performance


After completing this session, participants should have a basic knowledge of:


-   Concepts of Discipline for Misconduct and Delinquency

-   Levels of Discipline and Appropriate Use

-   Just Cause Standard for Discipline

-   Elements of a Misconduct Investigation

-   New Grievance Procedure Process

-   Approaches for Correcting Unsatisfactory Work Performance