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Wisconsin Land Information Council

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The Wisconsin Land Information Council attached to the Department of Administration (DOA) serves an advisory role to DOA on matters relating to the Wisconsin Land Information Program. 

The Council consists of 12 members appointed by the DOA for three-year terms. Membership on the Council consists of representatives from various sectors that develop or utilize land information records. The state Geographic Information Officer serves as the non-voting Secretary of the Council. The DOA Division of Intergovernmental Relations  provides staff support for council meetings. 


WLIP Program Plan: 2016-2021

Draft 3 WLIP Program Plan: 2016-2021  &  Combined Comments on Draft 3

Draft 2 WLIP Program Plan: 2016-2020  &  Combined Comments on Draft 2

Draft 1 WLIP Program Plan: 2016-2020  &  Combined Comments on Draft1

 Next meeting TBD

 2017-11-08 AgendaDraft Meeting Minutes
 2017-06-02 AgendaFinal Meeting Minutes
 2017-03-24 AgendaFinal Meeting Minutes
 2016-11-21   AgendaFinal Meeting Minutes
 Agenda Final Meeting Minutes
 2016-06-08  Agenda Final Meeting Minutes
 2016-04-12  Agenda Final Meeting Minutes
 2016-03-24  Agenda Final Meeting Minutes
 2016-02-10  Agenda Final Meeting Minutes
Introductory Teleconference
 2015-10-28  Agenda Final Meeting Minutes

WLIC Council Contacts


Charter & Bylaws

Division of Intergovernmental Relations
101 East Wilson Street, 9th Floor
Madison, WI  53703
Phone: 608-267-3369