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Comprehensive Planning and DOA


Send Notice of Comp Plan Adoption/Amendment To:


The former Wisconsin Comprehensive Planning Grant Program financially assisted local governments in the development and adoption of comprehensive plans in the past. From 2000 through 2010, comprehensive planning grants were awarded to municipalities, counties, tribes, and regional planning commissions. 

No comprehensive planning grants have been awarded since 2010. No grants are planned for the future.

Comprehensive Planning and DOA
The Wisconsin Land Information Program grant administrator assumes the following responsibilities related to local government comprehensive planning, but is only able to dedicate a small portion of his time toward them:

  • Maintaining a record of plans adopted
  • Answering common questions about comprehensive planning from land owners, local officials, and planning agencies

Notification to the Department of Administration of Plan Adoptions, Updates, and Amendments
If your community has adopted a comprehensive plan or amendment, send notification of the adoption date and which entity prepared the plan to
with indication as to whether it is for an original plan adoption, comprehensive update, or amendment. It is *NOT* necessary to mail a hard copy of the plan to the Department of Administration, nor an email attachment. The Department of Administration is no longer archiving copies of local comprehensive plans. However, it does still maintain a record of dates for communities that have adopted/amended plans.