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Library of Comprehensive Plans 


Send Notice of Comp Plan Adoption/Amendment To:


Library of Plans  – Table of Adopted Comprehensive Plans Submitted to DOA

Last complete library update: Sept. 15, 2017
County plans submitted: 66
Municipal plans submitted: 1473

Tribal plans submitted
: 4
Regional planning commission plans submitted: 7

The Department of Administration does not certify received comprehensive plans as complying with the Comprehensive Planning Law. Plans are frequently amended or updated. Department records may not include the latest plan update or amendment adoption date.

In order to obtain plans from communities, please look on the respective local government website. For plans not available online, please contact the municipal or county clerk. To look up a municipal clerk's contact information, use the Wisconsin Municipal Data System.
Notification to the Department of Administration of Plan Adoptions, Updates, and Amendments
If your community has adopted a comprehensive plan or amendment, send notification of the adoption date and which entity prepared the plan to with indication as to whether it is for an original plan adoption, comprehensive update, or amendment. It is *NOT* necessary to mail a hard copy of the plan to the Department of Administration, nor an email attachment. The Department of Administration is no longer archiving copies of local comprehensive plans. However, it does still maintain a record of dates for communities that have adopted/amended plans.