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What is the requried payout percentage for electronic game of chance in Wisconsin Tribal gaming facilities?


The Compacts require that an electronic game of chance pay out between 80% and 100% of the monies it has taken in during its life cycle.

Who is responsible for the regulation of Wisconsin Tribal gaming facilities? top

Pursuant to the IGRA and the Compacts, Tribes are the primary regulators of their gaming operations.Each Tribal government maintains an independent tribal gaming commission to carry out these regulatory responsibilities and to report to Tribal government on compliance with gaming regulations.The Compacts provide the OIGRC with a concurrent regulatory role in Wisconsin tribal gaming.

Are Wisconsin Tribal gaming facilities subject to audits? top

Yes.The OIGRC conducts regular audits of all Wisconsin tribal gaming operations. In addition, the Compacts require an annual independent financial audit, a bi-annual independent security audit of each operation. Each tribal gaming commission also maintains an internal audit department that conducts annual audits of each gaming department.

Are Wisconsin Tribal gaming facilities subject to fines? top

No.Wisconsin Tribal gaming facilities are cited for areas of non-compliance with Compact and internal control standards as the result of audits. The Compacts do not provide the OIGRC with the authority to issue fines.

Does the OIGRC regulate Class II gaming such as bingo and pull-tab sales?


No.The federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act places the authority to regulate Class II gaming with the tribe and the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC).

Patrons with questions or disputes involving Class II gaming should follow the tribal patron dispute process.

Does the OIGRC regulate the Wisconsin Lottery?


No.The Wisconsin Lottery is operated by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Questions regarding the Wisconsin Lottery may be directed to:

Wisconsin Department of Revenue
2135 Rimrock Road
Madison, WI 53713

Where can I get problem gambling assistance? top

Information and assistance regarding problem gambling may be obtained from the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling,, or (800) 426-2535.

Most Wisconsin gaming operations also offer self-ban programs in which patrons may request that they be placed on a list banning them from gambling at that location.