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Contacts - Verizon



FEIN # 22-3372889

Account Representatives

Contact Information for State Agencies/UW Campuses


Contact the primary contact for:

  • Rate Plan Changes
  • Feature Changes
  • Cancellations/Suspends/Reactivations
  • Address changes
  • ESN changes
  • Account consolidations
  • Equipment analysis and selection
  • Wireless data applications
  • Escalations
  • General maintenance questions


Contact the secondary contact if unable to reach primary contact and/or for:.

  • Rate Plan Analysis
  • Billing Inquires
  • Reports
  • Tax issues
  • Profile issues
  • Projects
  • Processing questions
  • Finance/collection questions

Julie Pfaffle, Government Account Manager




Shannon Dannies, Coordinator Business Operations



If unable to reach Shannon Dannies:

Chris Bahr, Supervisor Business Operations




Contact Information for Authorized Users:

Jason Lindauer


Jennifer Johanns



24 Hour Business Support Center and Assistance

*611 from mobile phone or 800-922-0204 (Note - if you hear a closed message, press 2 to be routed to another call center)

24 Hour Global Services Technical Support within the States. Call this number to confirm that your SIM card is registered and/or ask questions about international coverage.


NOTE - See the global support pack that comes with Verizon Wireless international phones for numbers to call for support while traveling abroad.



International coverage & service website:


Global Support Team (contact for SIM Card unlock code if needed)


Data Queue (troubleshooting the following):

Mobile web

Get it Now (including ring tones)

Text Messaging

Picture/Video Messaging

Push to Talk

800-922-0204 option 4



Trouble-Shooting the device and web portal for Field Force Manager


VZ Access Manager (aircards)


Download the latest software for VZAccess Manager


Enterprise Version for VZAccess Manager recommended for more controls and functionality




To request username & password, please reach out your Verizon Wireless Government representative.

My Biz


Contact for Support

Shannon Pegg, Business Support Associate


Public Safety

Emergency Preparedness Overview

Law Enforcement Resource Team (LERT)


Centralized group that handles all requests from local, state, county and federal law enforcement nationwide.



Prompt 1: General Information

Prompt 2: Subpoenas & Search Warrants

Prompt 3: Court Ordered Surveillances

Prompt 4: Exigent (24 x 7)

The Verizon Wireless Crisis Response Team (VCRT) 800-981-9558


A nationwide program sponsored and managed by the National Government Sales & Operations team. When a natural disaster or crisis occurs, VCRT provides support to those in need and responds to government and non-profit organizations and emergency management agencies that need our assistance.


VCRT provides the following support in the event of a crisis:

  • Back-up phone coverage
  • Equipment/Network support
  • Assistance with search and rescue initiatives
  • A live support line to request help 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year
  • Routing of requests to the Law Enforcement Response Team (LERT)
  • One phone number to call in a crisis situation 


Customer Learning Website


Resource for information to help you make the most of your Verizon Wireless service. You'll find videos, tutorials and more to guide you through the services, features and products offered by Verizon Wireless.


Blackberry Answers Website


Customers can get answers to BlackBerry device questions with BlackBerry "Answers", the Self Help Knowledge Base On the Go. BlackBerry "Answers" can be accessed directly from the customer's device and provides answers to questions 24x7x365.

From the devices web browser:


1. Go to

2. Select Help.