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Employee Discounts Program - AT&T Mobility

Employee Discounts Program


State’s Employees may participate in the Sponsorship Program. All such Employees participating in the Sponsorship Program will be Individual Responsibility Users (IRUs) under this Contract. State acknowledges and agrees that Employees must be validated in order to participate in the Sponsorship Program, and that any Employees not so validated will not be IRUs under the Contract and will not receive corresponding program benefits.

Program Activation Processes and Procedures

Each IRU participating in the Sponsorship Program: (a) must enter into, and be individually responsible for complying with a two-year IRU Service Agreement including, without limitation, the corresponding obligations to comply with all of the terms and conditions of the chosen Plan and to pay all charges incurred under the IRU Service Agreement; and (b) must follow the activation, validation, migration, upgrade and related policies, procedures and processes established by AT&T from time to time, including without limitation paying any applicable enrollment fees.


To register for the discount, go to this web site ( and enter your State email address.

Program Features.

Under the Sponsorship Program: (a) IRUs may choose from select Service Plans available within each AT&T Market (provided they qualify for the chosen Plan); (b) IRUs will receive a fifteen percent (15) Monthly Service Charge Service Discount. Under this Contract, the term “IRU” and “Individual Responsibility User” mean an Employee receiving Service under an individual account in accordance with the Sponsorship Program. “Employees” means State’s current, validated personnel receiving Federal W-2 or K-1 tax treatment. “IRU Service Agreement” means a separate two (2) year agreement between an IRU and AT&T for Service, Equipment and related matters.


State of Wisconsin employees are eligible only for the Sponsorship Program for personal use under this Contract. IRU’s are eligible only for the Sponsorship program and are not eligible for any other rate plans, discounts credits or promotions otherwise available under this contract.