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Integrated / IMAP Functionality

Instructions for Integrated/ IMAP service –

copy of voice mail as a wav file sent to email address

Need basic voice mail and Integrated/IMAP feature is added once you submit the full email address of the individual user or a distribution email box.

Currently only users with the emails can order this service.  Orders follow the normal process and also follow agency procedures.  The vendor and the State are working on making this service available to other users as well.

Integrated/IMAP feature sends a COPY of the voice mail message via a wav file to ONE email address. This is not speech to text technology but rather a copy of the voice recording sent to email as an attachment, .wav file.

Deleting the EMAIL with the WAV file will not delete the voice mail message from the voice mail box. Users should delete voice mail message from their voice mail box or the box may fill up.

Aging policy for the VOICE mail message in the VOICE mail box:  1 day unheard que, then 16 days saved que, then 24 hours in deleted que and then the message is completely deleted.  Users can delete message(s) sooner but if not the aging policy is system-wide and will delete message on the 18th day. 

Integrated/IMAP feature is $1 additional per month – vendor invoices will reflect that charge along with the normal monthly charge.

Check Junk mail and mark Cisco Unity as trusted email sender to make sure that the emails are presented to the inbox.

User will need headphones or be in private office when message played to keep message from being overheard.

The typical 1 minute wav file is approximately 1.5M