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Request a Capitol Police Patch

Request a Wisconsin State Capitol Police PatchWe at the Wisconsin State Capitol Police Department are proud of our shoulder patches. Officers design these patches with hard work and strong dedication. 
With hard work, dedication and a collaboration between Officers and our new Chief David M. Erwin the new patch for the Wisconsin State Capitol Police Department has been selected. We are very proud to have kept some of the established colors from our retired patch along with introducing some new ones. The boldest look is going back to the shape of the Great State of Wisconsin on the patch. This is taking us back to the roots of the Wisconsin State Captiol Police and represents the jursidictional area of our Police Department. The new patch has a solid black background instead of the blue on our retired patch. This is to match our patrol cars and new uniform colors. We have placed a red star representing the headquarters of the Wisconsin State Capitol Department and the headquarters of the Department.    
Due to Security concerns, high volumes of requests and our budget we can only release our retired patch at this time. If you would like our retired shoulder patch you can click the patch on the right.


             Click here or on the Patch to Order