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Financial Managers Council

Current Financial Manager Listing

Current FMC Subcomittees:
Health and Life Reconciliation
Payroll Reconciliation (including retirement, optional benefits and taxes)
Recruitment and Retention of Accountants

2017 Financial Managers Council Meeting, Minutes and Presentations (meetings at 1 W. Wilson, Room 751)
(meetings begin at 8:00 am, and last approximately 1 hour)

 Meeting Date             Agenda                            Minutes                           Presentations                                           
 February 14th FMC-Agenda 02142017.doc FMC-Minutes 2-14-17.doc02-14-17 FMC - SCO.pptx02-14-17 FMC - STAR.pptx
 March 14th FMC-Agenda 03142017.doc FMC-Minutes 03-14-17.doc03-14-17 FMC - STAR.pptx
 April 11th FMC-Agenda 04112017.doc FMC-Minutes 04-11-17.doc04-11-17 FMC - Master Lease.ppt04-11-17 FMC - STAR.pptx
 May 9th FMC-Agenda 05092017.doc FMC-Minutes 05-09-17.doc05-09-17 FMC - SCO.pptx 05-09-17 FMC - STAR.pptx
 June 13th FMC-Agenda 06132017.doc FMC-Minutes 06-13-17.doc06-12-17 FMC - CAFR.pptx 06-12-17 FMC - STAR.pptx 
 July 11th   
 August 8th      


 September 12th       
 October 10th          
 November 14th          
 December 12th