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State Capital Finance Office


Official Disclosure for Bonds, Notes and Other Securities Issued by the State of Wisconsin

  • Primary Market Disclosure  
  • Continuing Secondary Market Disclosure
    • Continuing Disclosure Annual Report - December 23, 2016
    • Annual Fiscal Report (Budgetary Basis) - FY16 (Restated)
    • Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) - FY16
  • Bond/Note Issuance Calendar
  • Archived Documents
    • Annual Reports
    • Official Statements and Offering Memoranda
    • Secondary Market Continuing Disclosure Announcements

Non-Disclosure Activities


Two New Active RFQs --

Due Date 10-3-2017


  1. RFQ-Financial Advisor Services 
  2. RFQ-Arbitrage Rebate Compliance Services
  •  Environmental Improvement Fund (EIF Web Reports)

    Venture Capital Investment Program

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