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Registering/Maintaining Your A/E Data Record

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A/E Consultant Selection

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Current A/E Selection Opportunities
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WisBuild - Login Screen

In order to work as a design consultant on state projects, architects, engineers, designers, and specialty consultants must have a WisBuild user account and provide company information via an A/E Data Record.

If your firm does not currently have a WisBuild account, send a request that includes your company name, address, telephone, contact name and e-mail address to:  You will receive an e-mail providing your user account and password and information on how to create and maintain your A/E Data Record.

The Current A/E Selection Opportunities page lists upcoming projects.  The selection procedure used is determined based on the project budget.  For specific details, please review the Summary of A/E Opportunities web page or Section 1.D of the A/E Policy and Procedure Manual.

Updating Your A/E Data Record

It is important to keep your A/E Data Record current.  Please review and update it regularly to ensure it is accurate.  This is required to be eligible for DFD work. To edit your A/E Data Record:

  1. Log into the WisBuild system
  2. Click on View/Modify Company Information
  3. Click on A/E Data Record near the bottom of the page
  4. Click on 'Submit' at the bottom of the page to save changes